Auryc Disclosure Policy

Auryc highly regards our security systems and constantly increases the security of our website and related applications to give our visitors and customers the safest and most secure experience as they browse and use our platform. In some rare instances, if a visitor or customer identifies a vulnerability in our platform, we acknowledge their feedback and closely work with them to address the issue with urgency.

How to report an issue?

Please use the following procedures to report any issue regarding vulnerability on our site:

  • Send us an email to providing us with details for recreation of the vulnerability scenario. You can share text, images from screenshots, or video instructions.
  • Share your contact details so we can let you know when the issue has been resolved. Our security team will work with you to estimate the time it may take for us to fix the issue and promptly reply when the issue has been resolved.


We do not have a cash or bounty reward for such disclosures, but we will express our gratitude for your contribution in different ways. In instances of severe vulnerabilities, we would gladly publicly acknowledge your contribution in this section on our website only if you would like a public acknowledgement.

While we appreciate the efforts of Whitehat Hackers, we may pursue a legal course should the identified vulnerabilities be exploited to attempt to access our customer data, impair our systems, or for unlawful gains.